Welcome to the Yao Group

We are an organic nano/bioelectronic research group in the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Hunan University. Our research is interdisciplinary, combining chemistry, physics, materials science, and device engineering. We are interested in understanding and nanofabrication of innovative organic vertical devices. This versatile technology could provide exciting opportunities for developing next-generation electronic devices, enabling high flexibility, conformability, and accuracy in optical, electronic, and electrophysiological measurements that would be impossible to achieve using current techniques. Please click research to learn more.
● Organic/inorganic heterojunctions: production, tuning of their properties, fabrication of devices.
Multiscale tailoring of smart supramolecular fiber: development of large-area flexible and conformable organic circuits.
High performance organic electrochemical devices for electrophysiological monitoring, optoelectronics, sensing and data storage, etc.

28 August 2023

Yunong Peng, Jiayuan Wei and Huiqin Wu join our group as Master Students. Welcome, Yunong, Jiayuan and Huiqin!

20 July 2023

Shuo Yang joins our group as a PhD Student. Welcome, Shuo!

Hao Liu, Yifan Yao*, Paolo Samorì*, “Taming Multiscale Structural Complexity in Porous Skeletons: From Open Framework Materials to Micro/Nanoscaffold Architectures”, Small Methods, 2023, DOI: 10.1002/smtd.202300468.